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Serophene is indicated in the treatment of ovulatory failure in patients desiring pregnancywhose partners have adequate sperm and who have potentially functional hypothalamic-hypophyseal ovarian systems and adequate endogenous oestrogensImpediments to this goal must be excluded or adequately treated before beginning therapyAdministration of Serophene is indicated only in patients with demonstrated ovulatory dysfunction and in whom the following conditions apply1Demonstration of normal liver function2Physiological indications of normal or near normal endogenous oestrogen levels should be presentas estimated from vaginal smearsendometrial biopsyassay of urinary or serum oestrogen or from bleeding in response to progesteroneReduced oestrogen levelswhile less favourabledo not prevent successful therapy3Clomiphene citrate therapy is not effective in patients with primary pituitary or ovarian failureIt cannot substitute for appropriate therapy of other disturbances leading to ovulatory dysfunctione.gdiseases of the thyroid or adrenals4Patients with abnormal uterine bleeding should be thoroughly evaluated prior to initiating clomiphene citrate therapyIt is most important that neoplastic lesions are detected.

Clomid is composed of two different forms or isomersZu clomiphene is inert and makes up about one third of the total medicationEn clomiphene is the active part and makes up the remaining two thirdsIt takes a long time for clomiphene to be cleared by the bodyIn facttraces of clomid can be found several weeks laterBecause of thisclomiphene levels will increase in the blood over time if given over the course of a few months.

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