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A pharmacodynamic interaction between clopidogrel and acetylsalicylic acid is possible, leading to increased risk of bleeding.

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Triglycerides are the main form of fat stored in the bodyMany Australiansespecially those carrying too much weight around their waisthave raised triglyceride levelswhich is a bad thing.

Cavstat TabletsConsumer Medicines Information leaflets of prescription and over-the-counter medicines.

Gemfibrozil can increase the effect of the blood thinnerwarfarinCoumadinand thus may lead to bleedingThereforepatients on warfarin may need to have their doses of warfarin reduced when starting gemfibrozil.

Treatment of dyslipidemia Mixed dyslipidaemia characterised by hypertriglyceridaemia and/or low HDL-cholesterolPrimary hypercholesterolaemiaparticularly when a statin is considered inappropriate or is not tolerated.

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today, the combination of clopidogrel and aspirin is given to virtually all people who receive a stent.

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